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27 MAY

Why choose LEAH debt collection software?

May 27, 2014
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Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose LEAH Debt Collection Software

1. Ease of Use


Easy to use debt collection software

Easy to use debt collection software


We believe that the most important features or tools should be not be more than one click away. We also believe that out of sight is out of mind. You should be able to see the most important things of your day to day operations from your home screen (not under different modules or tabs) and not require a manual to use programs. Ease of use in software design means you spend more time running your business, not wasting time figuring out complicated software.


2. On-Demand

web based debt collection software

Cloud based debt collection software


LEAH is on-demand, meaning there is no hardware, software, servers, licenses or data storage to buy, install, maintain and upgrade. We handle all that for you and we are always using the most up-to-date technology so you are always updated. LEAH is web-based, so you can work from anywhere at any time or place. All you need is a computer, smart phone or tablet with internet connection.

3. Technology


modern / advanced debt collection software

Modern debt collection software


We have used the most up-to-date technology to build LEAH. Leah was built from new technology like C#, Microsoft SQL Enterprise,NHibernate,JQuery,CRUD,AJAX,Bootstrap,SignalIR which makes LEAH scalable,secure,reliable & robust. Our engineering team have bachelor and master degrees from world renowned universities like Georgia Institute of Technology (GATech),Michigan State University (MSU), Georgia State University (GSU) etc. They also possess numerous Microsoft certificates like MCP, MCSE, MCITP, and have over 20 years of experience in the technology development field and private, public & hybrid clouds. LEAH has invested in technology and people so you don’t have to.


4. Modern Software


modern debt collection software for debt buyer

Advanced debt collection software of 21st century


What if you could build a brand new Debt Collection software from scratch, designed for how you run your collection business TODAY? We researched existing debt collection software, talked to agency owners, collection managers, supervisors, collection attorneys, law firms etc. before building the LEAH debt collection software. We took all their advice in building the most advanced, easy to use debt collection software in the credit and collection industry.




5. Built For Future


Leah debt collection software

Future of debt collection software


We are trying to create a company that will last hundreds of years such as Apple or Microsoft. LEAH will create software in other vertical markets later like leasing,apartment complex management,law office / attorney management software, but for now debt collection is our only focus.  We invested in technology, people, and you. We have invested in our engineers through ongoing training and education.We believe that our success depends on your success. You can grow your business with us.  It doesn’t matter if you have one collector or a thousand collectors, LEAH is designed to handle that.

6. Bank-grade Secure


Bank grade secure debt collection software

Bank grade secure debt collection software


LEAH understands that data is a very important part of your business and it must be kept secure complying with FTC, FDCPA, HIPAA etc. We use a state of the art data center that is managed by real people 24/7/365. All your sensitive data is encrypted and backed up every day in multiple locations. LEAH is as secure as online banking.With 99.996% up-time, LEAH is rock solid reliable.



7. Cost-Savings


cheap debt collection software

Save time and money with leah debt collection software


LEAH is built on multi-tenant technology so it costs us less money for server, storage, power consumption, and runtime process, which we pass the saving to our customers. The environmental savings are significant in the cloud. LEAH cloud solutions emit at least 90% less carbon footprint compared to on-premises applications. You can do more things with LEAH than older on-premise software technology saving you time and money. You spend less time importing,sorting accounts and doing reports with LEAH than your on-premise software, which saves you money in administrative costs.







8. Simple Pricing Model


Simple pricing debt collection software

Simple pricing, No upfront cost, No setup fee,Cancel anytime


LEAH believes in simple pricing. Life is complicated enough, add on to it with complicated pricing? Our pricing is easy to understand: no contracts, commitments, or setup fees. There are no modules to pay, no monthly minimums, training fees, and you can cancel anytime.



9. Experience


experienced debt collection software development team

Experienced Software engineers


Our management team has over 20 years of experience in building successful companies. We have build million dollar company before in a very short time period with other venture. We have what it takes to build a successful multi-national company.





10. Trust


Experienced debt collection management teams with years of experience

Experienced management team


LEAH’s business model success depends on long-term customer retention, not a one-time sale. With no contract policy, we are only successful if our customers are successful and happy with our service.

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