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Best ways to get paid on overdue invoices

May 6, 2014
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10 Best Ways To Get Paid On Overdue Invoices


Debt collection softwarecan help you to keep track of your invoices. If you’re managing a number of individuals or accounts simultaneously, something like comprehensive debt collection software (latitude,css impact,ontario,LEAH debt collection software)can be exceptionally useful.


However, it’s one thing to use debt collection softwareto keep track of who owes what and who needs to pay when. It’s another thing entirely to get people to pay at all. For the most part, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Anyone who wants to remain friendly will generally make sure they pay you in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, there are going to be times when you’re stuck with overdue invoices. As useful as debt collection softwarecan be, it’s not going to do everything for you,most of the  time you have to use some of the following rules to get paid along with your collection software.


Ten Ways To Get Paid For Late Invoices

When your debt collection softwarelets you know that someone is late with payment, here are a few things you can try:


  1. Don’t send OVERDUE notices: This is unnecessary and insulting.
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  1. Email invoices: Sending them through snail mail is a waste of time and money.
debt collection software for law firms

email invoices when collecting unpaid debt

  1. Ask nicely: It’s likely you’re going to want to maintain a relationship with this company, particularly if they have a good reputation for the most part. You don’t have to be pushy, and you certainly don’t have to be rude.
ask nicely when collecting debt for attorneys

ask nicely at the beginning when collecting debt









  1. Open the lines of communication: You don’t have to keep telling them over and over again that they have an overdue invoice. You may find far better results by contacting them to discuss when they can pay and how much they can pay.


good communication when collecting debt

open communication when collecting unpaid debt









  1. Keep things simple at the beginning: When you’re sending the first notice of a late invoice, keep things simple. Gently remind them that they’re a few days overdue. You may even want to see if they require an extension or if they got  the invoice you send them.

simple design in debt collection software


  1. Remain patient: There are going to be times when you’re going to have to go the extra mile to get paid on an invoice. Remain patient, remain calm, and things will go smoothly.
be patient when collecting debt

be patient when collecting debt for law firms








  1. If they request an extension, that’s probably a good thing: Just remember to make them understand what they’re agreeing to.
give deadline when collecting unpaid debt

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  1. Avoid telephones: It makes for an embarrassing and awkward conversation.if you do call,make sure you are polite,you can attract more bees with honey than vinegar.


telephone communication in debt collection software

telephone communication when collecting debt for debt buyer








  1. Remain diligent: Don’t get frustrated and give up.
gentle communication for debt collection for small business

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10.      Get in touch with a collection company: If you feel ill-equipped to handle this process, consider calling a collection company. If you decide to contract a collection company and if you still want to conduct business with that customer in the future then you have to find a collection company that has great reputation of collecting money and retaining customer because some collection agency will use any means to collect your money,but you might lose that customer. Let that collection agency know in advance if you want to retain that customer or not,so they can do their process properly.


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Remember: You deserve to be paid what you are owed.

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