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How collection agencies / debt collector / bill collector find You

May 7, 2014
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Collection Agencies use various resources to locate consumer / debtor.Every collection agency uses sophisticated computer software called DEBT collection software ( LEAH debt collection software,ontario,css impact……).These collection softwares have some of the following tools or connection built into their program to easily  locate debtor / consumer.The top ten most commonly used include:

  1. Skip Tracers

This is the most used tools in collection industry.These skip tracing company uses hundreds of different sources to collect your information.They use traditional and also high-tech techniques to locate people.These techniques range from corporate records,telephone books,email address searches,public records,call records at telephone companies,apartment locators , motel locators and so much more. If they can locate your distance family member,your associates or even your neighbor,they can then make a connection to you.They use very sophisticated computer algorithm to make connection between you and your known sources.These are are facebook graph search which has billions of connection. Their records are very accurate.These will help a collection agency in locating you.

  1. Internet Searches

It is very easy to find a person’s information online.This could be facilitated by the fact that most of us are members of social sites where we provide all our private information and are always updating on any new occurrences or developments pertaining to our private information like new job, new location etc.Even churches,schools,organizations and major clubs that you may be affiliated to do provide their newsletters online. Some of them even put their member info online which can be found by search engine.

  1. Credit Bureaus

A collection agency, through its association with credit reporting agencies , will have access to your information such as phone numbers,credit history, your relatives info, your work info and even your old and new address.The credit bureau always update your information.Anytime you apply for credit anywhere and the company do a credit check,the credit bureaus will get your updated information.

  1. Your Information On Credit Application Form

A collection agency will pay a visit to your original creditor where it will be provided with information regarding your credit application.On your application you provided a list of your key associates like employer,close relative and even credit references.Chances are high that one of those listed will know your current location thereby helping the collection agency in locating you.

  1. Through Friends,Neighbors and Relatives

A collection agency through its agents will call your friends,neighbors and relatives posing as a friend seeking relevant information about you that will help in locating you.However,the every state has laws regarding these calls.

  1. Utility Companies

These include the electric and phone companies.These companies will always have your address through which they send your final bill.You will also be forced to provide your new address to them in case you move into a new area.Although this is a difficult process,a collection agency might just use it to locate you.

  1. Banks

You may stop doing business with your old bank and probably move to another location but if you happen to leave your account open,that bank will most probably know your current address and will most certainly forward it to a credit bureau. collection agency can easily get that info from credit bureau.

  1. Motor Vehicle State Department

Through the department’s database,a collection agency can be able to access your address.This will help in locating your current location.

  1. Records From Voter Registration

Being democratic requires you to participate in elections by voting.But before every election happens there will always be a registration exercise that happens countrywide.This is where you will provide your personal information including your current address.Even if you happen to move out of your county,you will certainly have to re-register with the new county.The new county will then forward cancellation information to your former county.The registrar by availing that information to a collection agency will have aided in the agency locating you.

      10. Specialized Firms

These firms gather information on practically everyone by use of public records and demographic data.Any person can access relevant information about any person of interest for a small fee.A collection agency sometimes use this method to track you.

REMEMBER: You can run, but you can’t hide.

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