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14 OCT


October 14, 2014
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if you are on this page and you have more than just a couple of unpaid invoices that need to be collected, your current collection software is not helping you grow or you just don’t want the headache of managing your own server in your office, then you’ve come to the right place.LEAH can help you increase efficiency,improve collection process and enhance the quality of service that you provide to your client and streamlines wide range of task that you perform on a daily basis.LEAH is the only software you need for your entire account management process,starting from import accounts,CRM,task,callback,payment schedule,charge-back,payment process,commission to collectors,remittance to your client,reporting task etc.LEAH is a modern cloud based debt collection software of modern era.  It is the only software you need for all your account receivable needs. Not to mention, it’s super cheap with no upfront costs. This is a “pay as you go” software, without the need of a contract. LEAH can help increase cash flow for your business or collection agency. With this software, your debtor can pay their bill without talking to any collector whenever, wherever.


  • Collection agency: Debt collection agency owners can get visibility and transparency in their company through LEAH. They can easily find out what’s going on in their company in a matter of minutes. Payment information can be found quickly and easily. Managers and/or owners can find out about account information, how many calls have been made, and the productivity of their agents.
  • Small Business:LEAH can help small business owners increase their cash flow and make their business flourish.
  • Collection attorneys/law firms: Debt collection businesses can be very lucrative for attorneys and law firms. LEAH can help attorneys be compliant with FTC, FDCPA, and other state and federal governing bodies. Our software can help with all the accounting, commission managements, client’s invoices and much more! We’re the only software you’ll ever need for all your collection purposes.
  • Government agency: LEAH can help local, state and federal governments with their receivable.
  • Banks/credit unions: Bank and credit unions can use our software to collect their unpaid dues and have better communication with their customers.
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