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10 JUL

10 things you should do when buying a brand new car.

July 10, 2014
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Things you should do while buying A New Car

Buying a new car calls for dedication, seriousness, commitment and plan. It is often the wish of everyone to purchase a new car. Buying a new car will upgrade your personality, societal status and boost your performances publicly. For this reason, there are certain factors to consider prior to purchasing a new car. Is your quest on car buying, new car buying, purchasing the latest vehicle? Reading through the enumerated points presented below will help greatly on car buying, new car buying, purchasing the latest vehicle in town.

Create A Budget:


Your financial status is one of the basic factors to determine prior opting for a new car. On this note, it is often a good idea to do realistic assessment on how much you have at hand and how much you can afford. This will be able to tell you of the type of car to buy.


Obtain A Perfect Credit Score:


Credit score is a big factor that should not be underestimated when talking about purchasing a new car. Even if your income is good, but with a low credit score, you will have to sacrifice more money in purchasing a new car. For this reason, if you discover any negation on your credit score, it is highly important to get rid of it prior to planning for a new car.


Be Pre-qualified For A Loan:


To negotiate a better deal, it is often a wise decision to get pre-qualified for a loan from your credit union or bank. It puts you in a better position to discuss great deals even with a car dealer.


Select The Best Car For Your Need: 

Sometimes, selecting a car may remain difficult to some people. This may be caused by indecision on several factors. Once you are able to know your financial status, then selecting the best car that suits that need matters a lot. Always check on the price in equation with your budget.


Test Drive All:


This is where the fun can be found. Provided you got your list, then test drive them all. This means reading everything about your selected choice. Get to work with knowing everything with respect to your preferences.


Learn The Idea To Work With Marketers:


Working with auto marketers will help situations perfectly. You have to be realistic on your wants with respect to the amount to offer for a new car. In fact, through this method, you will be able to get better evaluations.


Get Insurance Quotes:


Getting insurance quotes should be the primary determining factor to know. Provided you have got your list, ensure to find an insurance quote for safety reasons. New car insurance is not cheap because you have to buy a full coverage if you finance the car. Getting an insurance quote in advance will help you to determine how much extra you have to pay on the top of your monthly car payment.


Determine The Amount You Should Pay:


You can do survey on how much other people are paying on the same car. Through this method, you will know the real amount to pay for your new car. You can go to website like or to get an idea about how much people are paying for similar car. I bought 6 brand new cars in the last 5 years for my family and friends saving thousands on each car. I will write another article later explaining exactly how I save thousands on buying new car.


Negotiate The Deal:

Since you know the car to buy, rather than jumping everywhere in the town, ensure to seek for car quotes. You will be sure to find great deal.

Sign The Paperwork:

Finally, you can sign the paperwork and buy your new car. You should do all the negotiation before going to dealership to sign the paperwork. You should be in and out within an hour with your new car and paperwork signed.


Remember: Don’t rush. Make sure you have couple weeks in your hand for research and negotiation before buying a new car. The ball is on your court. You are in control.



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